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June 2024

Year end planning

- Year End Tax Planning
- BOI assistance
- CO Unemployment Issue

April 2024

Tax Season Alert #4

- Thank you
- 2023 Tax Season Summary

March 2024

Tax Season Alert #3

- CO Processing Delays
- Extension Comments
- BOI Scam Alert

February 2024

Tax Season Alert #2

- Potential DC Tax Legislation
- FAMLI Benefits are live

January 2024

Tax Season Alert

- E-file dates
- Potential Government Shutdown
-ERC ending

January 2024

2023 Tax Season Begins

- Updates on return delivery process and client portal
- Key dates for 2023 tax filing season
- Tax organizers
- Updates on BOI reporting and ERC withdrawal

December 2023

Happy Holidays!

- Tabor Update
- FAMLI Update
- UI Notices
- IRS Penalty Relief

November 2023

Happy Thanksgiving

- Year end tax planning and SS updates
- CO min wage, TABOR update and UI website
- Small Business Saturday

October 2023

TABOR and Prop HH

- CO election and Prop HH/TABOR
- Potential Government Shutdown
- ERC Update

July 2023

CO and ERC Updates

- CO Updates on TABOR, EV, PHE and Min Wage
- ERC Updates and Watchouts

June 2023

Mid year Planning

- Q2 Estimated Tax Payments
- Mid year Planning Sessions

May 2023

Memorial Day

- Property Tax Notices
- FAMLI Grace Period Ending

April 2023


- Thanks for 2022 Tax Season
- Google Review
- Extension next steps

April 2023

Almost Done!

- Personal tax due date
- CO FAMLI updates

January 2023

ERC Updates

- ERC updates, developments and watch-outs

Jan 2023

2022 Tax Season Begins

- Tax Organizers
- Key due dates and reminder on extensions
- Secure 2.0 Act. IRS budget cut and misc updates from IRS/Washingtom

December 2022

Getting ready for year end

- Year end to do list
- Tax Organizers
- Business Updates on UI rates, QuickBooks 2020 and FAMLI

October 2022

Happy Fall!

- CO updates on FAMLI, CSSP and minimum wage
- Federal updates on Inflation Reduction Act, EIDL repayments and PPP audits
- Updates on 2023 Social Security data

June 2022

Happy July 4th!

- Federal updates on mileage, IRS backlog and extensions.
- Colorado updates on sales tax rebate, TABOR and Secure Savings Program
- Mid year tax planning reviews

April 2022

Tax season "over" - thanks

- Summary stats on 2021 business and personal tax returns
- IRS backlog update

January 2022

Small Business Rocks!

Update on mandated COVID related employer obligations

December 2021

Happy New Year

- 2022 Tax season logistics
- Federal updates on Build Back Better, Stimulus checks and Advance Child Tax Credit
- Colorado updates on HFWA and Minimum wage
- Alan Memorial Service

December 2021

Small Business News Flash

Healthy Family and Workplace Act (HFWA) and minimum wage update

November 2021

2021 Tax Law Update

- Latest updates on Infrastructure bill (including ERC), Build Back Better
- 2021 Tax Planning 

November 2021

With deepest sympathies

Alan's passing

August 2021

Summer Updates

- Federal updates on potential tax law changes
- Updated information on PPP and ERC
- 2020 Extension due dates and initial 2021 tax planning data

June 2021

2021 Tax Outlook

- 2021 Tax outlook for personal taxes (capital gains, S-corps, hybrid vehicles, like kind exchanges and various credits)
- 2021 Tax outlook on businesses (C-corp rates)

May 2021

2020 Tax Season "Over"

-Wrap up off 2020 tax return season
- IRS backlog updates

March 2021

Great day to be a CPA

- IRS delays filing deadline to May 17th
- Stimulus package updates to PPP2, RRF, EIDL and others (unemployment exemption, ERC, Child Tax Credit) 
- Colorado reminder on minimum wage and HFWA

February 2021

Miscellaneous tax updates

- Business tax returns updates and possible delay in personal return filing dates.
- Miscellaneous updates on crypto, stimulus checks and client portal
- PPP updates on forgiveness and funding

January 2021

2020 Tax Return Season

- Tax organizers and client portal information

January 2021

Stimulus Updates

- Updates on new PPP loans, PPP forgiveness, ERC and SBA Loan subsidies
- Alert on unemployment fraud claims

December 2020

More stimulus coming!

- Tax impact of PPP1 loans and forgiveness
- PPP2 funding and 2nd draws

December 2020

Goodbye to 2020

 - Colorado sales tax relief, sales tax rate changes and unemployment rate changes due to COVID
- Bipartisan support for potential PPP2 stimulus package

November 2020

Small business updates

- PPP update on possible tax impact of forgiveness
- Colorado legislative session on pandemic relief

October 2020

Here we come!!

- Transition Update - new emails and new website
- 2020 Tax return planning and various updates on miscellaneous tax issues