Client File Portal

Looking to electronically share  data with us?  We have your solution!

We use CCH iFirm software to allow you to safely and securely  transfer data to us - tax forms, supporting documents, QuickBooks files, etc.  We also use this software to transfer tax returns or other information back to you.    

To use this feature, you mush first register on the CCH iFirm portal.  If you have not done so or if your invite expired, reach out to us and we can resend the registration invite. 

Once you are registered, please click the link below or the image to access the portal.

Pay my bill

You can always mail your payment to our office at the address noted below but if you prefer to pay your bill on-line using our secure, third party credit card/ACH processor, please use the link below.  Thanks again and let us know if you have any questions!

Click to Pay

2023 Annual Tax Organizer

2023 Tax Organizer - Manual Input  (to print and manually provide inputs)

2023 Tax Organizer - Electronic Input  (to downlaod and electronically update - please let all pages download before using)

Please note, if the organizers asks for data that will be provided by other source documents (i.e., W2's, 1099, etc.), you do not need to manually enter the data on the organizer.